January 2023


Community Notes represents an important evolution in how we mitigate both misinformation and disinformation. This product exemplifies the adoption of a new content moderation model – one that relies on user participation rather than centralised enforcement. This transition is ongoing and the impact of this work will continue to grow, in parallel with enforcing the Twitter rules, particularly around platform manipulation and spam.


Community Notes aims to create a better-informed world by empowering people on Twitter to collaboratively add helpful notes to Tweets that might be misleading. Contributors can leave notes on any Tweet and if enough contributors from different points of view rate that note as helpful, the note will be publicly shown on a Tweet. Community Notes is an inherently scalable and localised response to the challenge of disinformation. By making this feature an integral and highly visible part of the Twitter product, and by ensuring that the user interface is simple and intuitive, we are investing in a tool that can be truly global in its application. It also reduces reliance on forms of content moderation that are more centralised, manual and bespoke; or which require intensive and time-consuming interactions with third parties. See the Community Notes guide here.

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